CHEAP WALLETS FOR WOMEN Posted on 26 Apr 08:59

This week we released our SLIM CARD WALLETS to the shop.  Specially created for individuals looking for a minimalist style wallet.  I don't know about you but my handbag was weighing me down to the point where it would strain my back, OUCH! 

If you're a mom on the GO, a student, or a working woman trying to not carry excess baggage then our leather card wallet is exactly what you need.  This wallet is super lightweight, and takes very minimal handbag space + they fit in front or back pockets of your jeans.  You can stash your credit cards, bus pass, school ID, and some cash, it can hold up to 6 cards and really that's all you NEED.  Even when its full, is not bulky it remains slim. Ideal for both men a women.

Our SLIM CARD WALLETS are handmade with the highest quality leather, buttery soft~ emboss logo on the back.  They come in four colors Black, Tan, Grey, and Beige.